We're Your Experts for Hot Tub Removal

Even empty, did you know that your old hot tub could weigh up to 800 pounds? If you have an old hot tub that you need to get rid of, forget about trying to haul it away yourself! Call in JDog Junk Removal Capital Region for professional help with hot tub removal in Schenectady and across the Capital Region.

Whether you have a hot tub that was left behind by your property's previous owner or you're needing to get rid of an old spa that's simply past its prime, our junk hauling team can tackle the job. For units that are still in working condition, we can cart off your hot tub for recycling or donation. For ancient or severely damaged units, we'll provide hot tub removal that heads straight for the dump. We're fully qualified to handle awkwardly large and heavy loads, and if necessary, we can dismantle your hot tub before hauling it away. Let us handle the heavy lifting—literally—of removing that old hot tub from your property.

Locally owned and veteran-operated since 2011, JDog Junk Removal Capital Region offers a full range of property cleanout services for your convenience. Our goal is to help you get unwanted items off your property as efficiently and economically as possible. We provide junk removal the military way—call us now at (518) 644-4404 to get started.